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“Why not give God a try?”  Well I thought, “I have tried just about everything in this life – yet without fulfillment.”

I had been raised in an environment that seemingly lacked for nothing – living a teenage life with plenty of friends and fun. Educated at one of Cape Town’s top schools – life seemed to have it all laid out for me. In addition playing in a Heavy Metal Band was the cherry on the cake for me.  However, with the band came exposure to drugs that later would leave me trapped in a world that I had not anticipated.

At an early age, the thought of life beyond the grave caught my attention, and the immediate pull was towards spiritualism. Communication with the dead seemed a viable solution to solving life’s challenges – especially regarding the future.

How wrong I was!

After a few years, trapped in a world of drugs and eventually the occult, I had come to see how dead I really was!  Strange?  Well when you are dead on the inside, you are really not aware of your condition – until you experience life.

Life came to me on 14 September 1985 – after literally screaming out loud, “Jesus I Need You.”  Immediately I was set free from all bondages and a searching life. For the first time I understood the Christian message. Yes – and this without ever hearing it before. God had revealed the way to life to me that night – and that was through his Son – Jesus Christ – who paid the debt of my sin on the cross of Calvary.

It has been many years since that experience with the living God – I will never forget it!  Let me be honest – life is never a bed of roses.  But knowing God – and receiving his life within you – you cannot be the same again. It is not just an experience that you get and then that’s it. It is life – eternal life – and so long as God’s life is in a person – that life lasts for eternity.  All glory to God for changing my life – to such an undeserving person such as me.

I am currently pastoring Brakpan Baptist Church. If you are cornered in life, not knowing where to turn, or go – I would love to pray with you.  There is GOOD HOPE for you in the GOOD NEWS of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What God did for me, he most certainly can do for you.

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