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Imagine the thought of you and your family going without the hope of receiving food for the whole day. Such is the plight of many in Brakpan.

But there is good news…

Every Saturday a group of dedicated individuals gather to prepare healthy and nutritious soup for the less fortunate of Brakpan community. Everyone has their task – whether chopping, unpacking, mixing or blending the tasty ingredients together. Their joint effort produces approximately 100 litres of soup, which, together with more than 60 loaves of fresh bread, is ready to be served to hungry stomachs.

At 4pm another party of committed people meet in the city centre, equipped, and willing to distribute the delicious soup and fresh bread. The less fortunate, make their way to the distribution point, expecting a hearty meal for themselves and their families – to satisfy their most basic human need.

Distribution commences with the reading and expounding of a passage of scripture, and a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Polystyrene cups are circulated to those gathered, who have by this time, have formed a winding line in the city centre. Here they receive their cups of soup and bread, exchanged with their word of thanks and smiles of appreciation. These needy folk take along their plastic containers, with the prospect of receiving a take-away soup meal for their family, friends, for enjoying later in the day or week.

On average 150 – 200 cups of soup, and 15 – 20 containers of varying sizes are distributed to those who need it the most – all done to the Glory of God with love and compassion for our fellow human being in need.

“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Jesus Christ).