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1. Are you a member of a denomination?


Brakpan Baptist Church is an autonomous local church.

2. Are you affiliated with anyone?


The Baptist Union of Southern Africa and Baptist Northern Association.

3. Who is in charge of Brakpan Baptist Church?

The Lord Jesus Christ.

4. How is the church governed?

Governance is vested in its members, the body of Christ, who decide on important matters.

The members are served by The Executive which comprise of Elders and Deacons. The Pastor (Elder) serves as Chairperson of The Executive.

5. What do Elders do?

Elders, (also known as Pastors or Overseers) are Shepherds of our church

Their primary role is to:

  • Pray for the spiritual and physical well-being of its members
  • Be an example to others
  • Ensure the congregation receives accurate biblical teaching
  • Oversee the life of the church
  • Care about the spiritual and physical well-being of its members
  • Guard the congregation against harmful influences

6. What do Deacons do?

Deacons serve by caring for the physical and logistical needs of the Church

Their primary role is to:

  • Prayregularly for the Church’s vision, community, members and adherents
  • Visit Church members and adherents, particularly those who are ill
  • Distribute funds, or other assistance, to the needy
  • Administer, manage and care for Church properties
  • Assist in the day-to-day financial matters

7. Are Reformed or Arminian doctrines predominately taught?


8. What view of eschatology (end-times) is typically taught?


9. Covenant or Dispensational hermeneutic?